This webpage is aiming to provide basic information about friction stir welding (FSW) technology, which is a new high-tech way of metallic material jointing used mainly on aircraft and spaceship structures. The technology itself is quite simple and cheap. It hasn't been spread more widely because accessibility of information about FSW is rather low. My hope for this website is that it will provide an information source helping you to assess potential benefits and costs of introduction of FSW technology into your company's processes.

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My Master's thesis Application of friction stir welding in aircraft structures provides more detailed information.


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Benefits of Fricion Stir Welding (FSW)

  • Welding materials that are not weldable by traditional technologies
  • High joint efficiency
  • Low residual stresses
  • Low energy requirements

Application of FSW

FSW as riveting replacement

The replacement of the riveted splice,
3 rows of r
ivets requiring a typical overlap of about 75 mm, leads to a potential weight saving up to 0.8 kg
per meter of join
As presented at 25th International Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences by M. Pacchione and
J. Telgkamp, Airbus